A list of goodies that I use in my work and personal life. Full transparency, some of these links are referrals. Checkout more uses at uses.tech.

Tom Gooden Uses


Software & Apps

  • iTerm2Solid terminal replacement.
  • AlfredSpotlight replacement with workflows.
  • SizzyCross-browser testing and development.
  • BitwardenPassword manager because ain't nobody got time for that.


  • FigmaBetter than Sketch, imo.
  • SVGOMGI'd literally die without this. Optimizes SVG's.

SEO & Marketing

Git, Building, Hosting, Monitoring

3D Printing

Would love to learn more about...

IDE & Extensions


  • GatsbyJSMy go-to static site generator, like this website.
  • NextJSMy go-to for anything but static.


  • UnderscoresA nearly bare bones template generator.
  • Laravel ValetA must for local WordPress development. Hard pass on LocalWP due to restrictive hosting.
  • Advanced Custom FieldsCreate custom fields in WordPress. Extremely useful.
  • WPGraphQLGreat for headless WP. Turns your site into a GraphQL endpoint.



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